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There’s never a good time for your furnace to break down. However, there’s no worse time for an HVAC failure than the middle of winter. Without heat, your home is filled with frigid air that can freeze your pipes and even pose health hazards. The answer to this problem is simple: speedy, dependable, and superior-grade heating repair Springfield VA from Able Appliance & HVAC Service.

Causes of Common Furnace Problems

Regular maintenance is vital to your furnace’s efficiency and reliability. Without it, your furnace must work harder and may break down sooner than expected. Your furnace depends on its filter to protect internal components from dust, hair and other debris. Most HVAC professionals recommend changing the filter each season, typically every 90 days or so. Leaving your furnace running with a clogged filter forces it to run harder to supply the same amount of warm air — which can make it fail much sooner.

Dirty filters aside, other issues can lead to furnace problems. These include malfunctioning thermostats or dirty flame sensors, both of which can prevent your furnace from putting out the heat you need. The induction motor, which handles air intake, can become clogged from debris. Dust can get into the blower motor, causing it to clog and eventually stop working. Furnace igniters are vulnerable to power surges and overuse, making them wear out.

Symptoms of Furnace Breakdowns

Just as furnace problems result from many different causes, HVAC breakdowns can generate a wide range of symptoms. It’s important to know these signs so you can call us right away for heating system repair Springfield VA:

  • Sporadic hot air supply
  • Yellow pilot light on furnace control panel
  • Squeaking and popping noises
  • Dust flowing from vents
  • Increased energy usage

Even if you haven’t noticed many furnace problems, it still may be time for a replacement. According to ENERGY STAR, you should swap out your unit every 15 years. You enjoy continued functionality and dependability plus the opportunity to choose a more efficient furnace.

Choosing a Reliable Company

Who will you call when the heat goes out? If you don’t have a relationship with an HVAC company, you may desperately search online and go with the cheapest quote you find. But cheaper isn’t always better. Should the repairs not be properly conducted, you may have to call again for service. In the end, those cheap repairs can cost you more.

Able Appliance & HVAC Service delivers dependable, consistent and high-quality HVAC services. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians respond quickly and work diligently to bring your furnace back to working order. All you need to do is call us or schedule your appointment online.

HVAC Repair You Can Trust

Northern Virginia counts on Able Appliance & HVAC Service for fast, reliable and superior-quality residential HVAC and appliance services. As your experts on home heating repair Springfield VA, we offer same-day service along with holiday, weekend and evening service at no extra charge. Need repairs or maintenance now? Simply complete our online contact form or call us at (703) 916-0509.


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