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Potential Problems With Your Appliance

What may be wrong with your washer


  • Washer’s digital display is not working
  • Water inlet is out of order or drain does not work
  • Washer creates a lot of noise
  • Water leakage
  • Door cannot be shut properly
  • Cycle issues or does not spin or wash
  • Motor transmission failed or the drive belt has broken
  • Washer does not fill or fills slowly

What may be wrong with your dryer


  • The drum spins, but there is no heat
  • The motor is running, but the drum isn’t spinning
  • The dryer is getting too hot
  • The dryer won’t work at all
  • Dryer does not run but it’s plugged in
  • Dryer is making a lot of noise
  • Clothes are taking too long to dry
  • Filter is clean and clothes won’t dry
  • Any other issue