Tips for Cleaning Your Washing Machine

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Believe it or not, a dirty washing machine is the real cause of a horrid, musty smell coming from your washed clothes. Bacteria and germs can easily breed in washing machines, so it is essential to keep the washing machine itself clean. After all, if your washing machine is dirty, then it really doesn’t matter how good your detergent is.

Read on to learn a few tips for cleaning your washing machine –

Clean your washing machine inside and out

All you need to do is take a fresh sponge, apply soap, and with lukewarm water, rub the washing machine inside and out. Make sure that you don’t apply abrasive products or harmful solvents as they could wreak havoc on your washing machine. The laundry door seal sometimes can attract residues in your washer from detergents and laundry soils, so be sure to clean it now and then.

Scrub the Seal

The rubber seal around the door opening will probably be the dirtiest part of your washing machine. Moisture, water, and dirt can accumulate on the seal, creating the perfect environment for mold. Use a vinegar soaked brush and scrub it away. If you still see mold on the seal, then that’s probably due to a permanent stain.

Wash the tray

You should always remove and clean the fabric softener and detergent trays, as well as the area it slides into. These areas are prone to gunk and filth build up, and over time, they can clog up the washer. So you must pay more attention to your washing machine trays too.

Check the Hoses

You should also periodically remove the water in and out of hoses attached to your washing machine to check for any form of obstruction. Make sure that you have a filter in place that catches all the dirt and rocks, which can build up and prevent water from flowing into your water machine.

The bottom line is that it is essentially imperative to take care of your washing machine on a timely basis if you want to have it functioning efficiently. We all expect clean and fresh clothes from our washing machines, so it’s time we make sure our washing machines are getting the proper treatment they deserve.

Start cleaning!

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