Why Choose Professional Dishwasher Repair and Installation Services?

Dishwashers are invaluable appliances that simplify our daily routines, saving time and effort in the kitchen. When they encounter problems, it can disrupt your household and create unnecessary stress. While some minor issues can be fixed through DIY efforts, it’s crucial to understand that professional repair and installation services offer distinct advantages: 

Expertise and Experience

Our team consists of highly trained technicians with years of experience in dealing with a wide range of dishwasher brands and models. Our expertise enables us to quickly diagnose problems, saving you time and ensuring an accurate repair or installation process.

Efficient Problem Diagnosis

With our extensive experience, we can efficiently pinpoint the root cause of any dishwasher malfunction. Our diagnostic process is thorough, ensuring that no underlying issues are overlooked.

Quality Repairs

When you choose our professional repair services, you can be confident that the repairs are carried out with precision and top-notch quality. We use genuine manufacturer parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Time and Cost Savings

Attempting to repair your dishwasher yourself may lead to more extensive damage and costly repairs down the line. By entrusting the task to our experts, you save both time and money, as we get the job done right the first time.

Safety Assurance

Dishwashers involve electrical and plumbing components, which can pose safety risks when handled improperly. Our technicians are well-versed in safety protocols, ensuring a secure and risk-free repair or installation process.

Common Dishwasher Problems and Their Solutions

Let’s dive into some of the most common dishwasher problems and how our professional services can address them effectively:

Dishwasher Fails to Start

If your dishwasher is unresponsive and fails to start, it could be due to a faulty door latch, malfunctioning control panel, or a defective power supply. Our technicians can quickly identify the issue and replace any faulty components to restore your dishwasher’s functionality.

Dishes Remain Dirty after a Cycle

Finding unclean dishes after running a dishwasher cycle is frustrating. This problem is often caused by clogged spray arms, a worn-out pump, or a malfunctioning water inlet valve. Our experts can clean or replace these parts to ensure that your dishwasher cleans your dishes thoroughly.

Leaking Dishwasher

A leaking dishwasher can lead to water damage in your kitchen. Leaks may occur due to damaged door gaskets, loose hose connections, or a faulty pump. Our team will inspect and repair the leak promptly, preventing further damage and restoring your dishwasher’s efficiency.

Excessive Noise during Operation

Unusual noises coming from your dishwasher during its operation can indicate various issues, such as a worn-out motor, defective pump, or loose spray arm. Our technicians can identify the source of the noise and make the necessary adjustments or replacements.

Dishwasher Not Draining Properly

If water remains at the bottom of your dishwasher after a cycle, it could be due to a clogged drain hose, a malfunctioning drain pump, or a faulty drain valve. Our professionals can clear any obstructions and repair or replace the affected components to ensure proper drainage.

Professional Dishwasher Installation Services

Apart from repair services, we also specialize in dishwasher installations. Whether you’ve purchased a new dishwasher or need to replace an existing one, our team is equipped to handle the installation process seamlessly.

Our Installation Process:

Site Inspection: Our technicians will visit your home to assess the space and plumbing connections, ensuring the dishwasher’s proper placement.

Connection and Alignment: We expertly connect the dishwasher to the water supply and drainage system, as well as align it with the cabinetry for a polished look.

Electrical Wiring: Our team handles the electrical wiring, ensuring compliance with safety standards and a reliable power connection.

Testing and Calibration: We perform comprehensive testing to verify the dishwasher’s functionality and calibrate its settings for optimal performance.

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Dishwasher

To extend the lifespan of your dishwasher and prevent frequent breakdowns, follow these preventive maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning:

Clean the dishwasher’s filter, spray arms, and interior regularly to prevent debris buildup and ensure efficient performance.

Scrape Off Excess Food:

Scrape off large food particles from dishes before loading them into the dishwasher to prevent clogs and improve cleaning results.

Use Appropriate Detergent:

Choose dishwasher detergents recommended for your dishwasher model to avoid damage and achieve the best cleaning results.

Check Seals and Gaskets:

Regularly inspect the door seals and gaskets for signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary to prevent leaks.

Run Hot Water Before Starting a Cycle:

To ensure the dishwasher starts with hot water, run the kitchen faucet until hot water flows before starting a cycle.

Contact Us Today

When it comes to dishwasher repair and installation services, our expert team is dedicated to providing you with reliable solutions that restore your appliance’s functionality and efficiency. Choosing Able Appliance & HVAC Service professional services not only saves you time and money but also ensures the safety and longevity of your dishwasher. If you’re facing any dishwasher issues or planning to install a new one, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our skilled technicians are here to assist you with top-notch service and expertise.


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Free Service Charge with a repair.

What Appliances Can Able Appliance & HVAC Service Repair?

If you have it, we can probably fix it. Based in Bristow, VA, we service many areas, including Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and North Virginia.


Most people use microwaves daily to thaw frozen foods, reheat leftovers, and cook meals. Common problems your microwave can develop include:

  • The plate won’t turn.
  • The microwave doesn’t turn on or off.
  • The door won’t close or open.
  • The microwave doesn’t heat properly.
  • It makes strange or loud sounds.
  • The light stops working.
  • The touchpad won’t respond.

Call to schedule a repair today if you notice any of these warning signs.


Whether you own a separate freezer or only the one on your refrigerator, you count on it to keep perishable items frozen for later use. If the freezer fails, you may lose hundreds of dollars worth of food. Some warning signs of freezer malfunction include:

  • Water leaks
  • Frost or ice buildup
  • Strange sounds
  • Temperature variations
  • Constantly running compressor

The freezer also might just stop working.

Ice Makers

Many people enjoy the convenience of built-in ice makers. Signs that yours isn’t working correctly:

  • Ice is fractured, frosted, or strangely shaped.
  • Ice won’t release from the mold.
  • The outside ejector doesn’t produce ice.

Common issues include clogged water lines, incorrectly set thermostats, unlevel mounting, and clogged water filters.


Gone are the days when someone had to wash dishes by hand in the sink daily. Most people use their dishwashers every day to avoid that manual task. You may notice:

  • Your dishes aren’t clean after a wash cycle.
  • The dishwasher won’t run.
  • The machine won’t fill or drain properly.
  • Your dishwasher has a foul odor.
  • Operation makes more noise than usual.
  • Water leaks onto the floor.

Able Appliance & HVAC Service can diagnose and repair your issue.


Every kitchen has a refrigerator. Some people have them in garages and offices too. We count on these essential appliances to keep our food fresh. It’s time to schedule a repair if:

  • The refrigerator operates constantly or won’t come on at all.
  • The temperature is too hot or too cold, not adjusting with the thermostat.
  • Water leaks onto the floor.
  • The water dispenser won’t release water.
  • The appliance makes loud noises.

Most of these issues are easily repaired.

Ovens, Stoves, and Ranges

Families that enjoy home-cooked meals and freshly baked desserts rely on their ovens and stoves. Owners can choose gas or electric appliances, and the repair issues can differ for each type. However, the problems you may notice remain similar.


  • The oven won’t heat to the set temperature correctly or at all.
  • The interior light won’t come on or turn off.
  • The self-cleaning feature doesn’t work.
  • The door won’t open or close.
  • Your food cooks unevenly.
  • Your controls aren’t responsive.
  • The heating or broiling element won’t ignite or come on.

Stovetops and Ranges

  • Eyes won’t ignite or power on.
  • Temperatures don’t adjust to your settings.
  • The indicator lights don’t work.
  • Turning the eyes on produces sparks or strange smells.
  • Bubbles, cracks, or blisters appear on the cooktop or coils.

Able Appliance & HVAC Service technicians can repair all brands of electric and gas ovens, stoves, cooktops, and gas range tops.

Washers and Dryers

Everyone needs clean clothes, sheets, and towels. Our washers and dryers make that easy to accomplish unless they stop working properly. Each appliance typically gives you signs that repairs are necessary.


  • Water won’t fill or drain.
  • Water overfills or leaks.
  • The agitator won’t spin.
  • The washer vibrates excessively or makes loud noises.
  • Unpleasant odors persist.
  • The door doesn’t open.
  • The machine ruins your laundry.
  • The washer won’t turn on or stop


  • The dryer doesn’t power on or only runs for a short time.
  • The dryer won’t heat or overheat.
  • The machine takes too long to dry laundry.
  • The drum won’t spin.
  • The dryer is too noisy or vibrates excessively.
  • The laundry has wrinkles or lint.

These appliances come in many makes and models, and Able Appliance & HVAC Service can repair them all.

AC and Heating

When your heating or air conditioning isn’t working properly, your home can quickly become uncomfortable. Common issues you’ll notice are:

  • The air isn’t heated or cooled to the correct temperature, the heat blows cold air, or the AC blows hot air.
  • The unit runs constantly or won’t turn on.
  • Fluid leaks from your inside or outside units.
  • Your system is too loud.

Schedule a repair appointment to avoid further damage if you experience any of these problems.

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