How to Keep Your Dishwasher From Smelling Rotten

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We’ve all been there: you smell something horrendous and assume it’s the trashcan. When you take out the trash, the odor is still there. When you realize it’s coming from the dishwasher, you are disgusted because you have been “cleaning” your dishes in there for who knows how long with that gross smell.

Don’t worry; we will help you get rid of the smell and keep it away with these helpful tips!

Clean out your garbage disposal

Your disposal is connected to the same hose as your dishwasher. If it is backed up, that could be the cause of the smell. You should be able to tell if that is the problem as soon as you disconnect the hose. You can clean it by using a thin, damp cloth on a stiff wire to put up the tube to clean it out. It could be messy, so be prepared.

Clean the filter

Food particles will accumulate in the filter over time and can be the cause of the odor permeating from the dishwasher. Remove it and scrub thoroughly with a stiff scrub brush, hot water, and soap. If you aren’t sure how to remove the filter, check the manual, or look up the specific brand online.

Run a cycle with vinegar

Vinegar or baking soda is great for neutralizing unwanted odors. Fill a cup or bowl with a cup of vinegar and place it on the top rack. Run the dishwasher through a full cycle on the hottest setting possible. After it is complete, leave the door open for about an hour to let it air out and dry.

Rinse dishes before placing them in the dishwasher

After you get rid of that smell, you don’t want it back. Because that gross smell comes from food build up that has been washed off of your dishes, you can prevent the odor by rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher.

Hopefully, these will help your dishwasher smell squeaky clean once again! If your dishwasher seems not to be working correctly, give us a call, and we can repair it for you! Good luck getting the smell out!

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