How To Remove Scratches From Stainless Steel

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Walk into a new or remodeled kitchen, and you are sure to find at least a few steel items tucked in some corner of the room. Many homeowners even prefer to have all of their kitchen appliances made of stainless steel. This is because the stainless steel is durable, looks sleek, and is excellent at resisting stains and damages.

However, stainless steel is not perfect. Use it regularly, and you will soon start noticing scratches on its surface. The good news is you can easily fix them! Read the tips below to know how!

Make Sure It’s The Real Steel

It is fairly easy to distinguish which steel is real and which steel is simulated. Real stainless steel is non-magnetic and easily impressionable. This means that you can see your fingerprints on it, while a simulated steel surface is often clear-coated to make it fingerprint proof. Make sure that your stainless appliance is real with no clear protective coating or synthetic surface applied, or else you will end up damaging it more.

Determine The Direction Of The Grain

The most important part of repairing stainless steel is rubbing in the same direction as the grain, or the brush marks that appear on the surface of steel during the manufacturing process. Look closely to identify the direction of the grain on your stainless steel. Now effectively rub the abrasive in the same direction.

Things That You’ll Need
-Soft microfiber cloth or sponge
-Non-abrasive cleaner
-Stainless steel polish
-Soft toothbrush
-Whitening toothpaste
-Wet-dry sandpaper
-Sanding block

Removing Fine Scratches From Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Spread the cleaner on the scratch. Now take a wet sponge and rub the scratch vigorously in the direction of the grain. Flush the cleaner every so often to see if the scratch is gone. Once the scratch disappears, apply stainless steel polish on the surface for a smooth finish. You can also use olive oil if you want.

Removing Fine Scratches Using Toothpaste

Take the toothbrush and apply a little toothpaste on it. Now brush over the scratch, rubbing it in the direction of the grain. Keep brushing. Add more toothpaste if needed. Once the scratch is removed, apply steel polish or olive oil on the surface for a smooth finish.

Removing Deep Scratches From Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Moisten a sandpaper sheet thoroughly. Make sure that it remains wet throughout the process.

Dampen the area of the scratch with a sponge.

Start sanding the scratch in the same direction as a grain. Apply a little pressure while you are at it. Do it for a few minutes. If a scratch is still there, use a coarser grit sandpaper sheet this time. When the scratch is gone, revert to a finer sandpaper sheet and sand lightly over the area.
Use a sponge to wipe the sanded area. Gently remove all a grit from the surface. Lastly, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface dry. Apply a little steel polish for a final shine!

-Use the gentlest non-abrasive cleaner. They come in both powder and semi-liquid forms. If you use the powder, start by mixing it with water to make a thin paste.
-When using sandpaper, use a sand block along with it. This is to keep your pressure on the steel surface even.
-The sanding technique only works on plain stainless steel material.

If you are having trouble with any of your steel appliances, we would be happy to help! Our experts at Able Appliance & HVAC Service provides the most efficient repair services at very affordable prices! Contact us at 703-916-0509 or 703-330-4772.

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