Organization And Design Tips For Small Laundry Spaces

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Those who have lived in a place with offsite laundry know how convenient it is to have a washer and dryer at home. Even the tiniest laundry space can do wonders to ease your busy schedule a bit.

However, the novelty of owning a laundry machine wears off pretty quickly once you realize how much of a mess it has been accumulating. This is quite common with small laundry rooms where there is not enough space for all those dirty clothes, lint piles, and detergent drips.

Does this mean that there is no hope for your laundry room? Of course not! By putting a system in place, you can easily stop chaos and clutter from building up. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get your laundry room in shape, for good!

1) Add Shelves And Countertops
If you have a front-loading machine, you can use the top area to your advantage. Install a shelf or a countertop above it and make it a space for folding, organizing detergent, or even decorations. You can also use the back of your door for shelving and storing washing supplies.

2) Install A Folding Ironing Board
Your ironing board takes up a lot of space in a laundry room. Free up that space by installing a folding ironing board. It can be stored in any corner of the room and used when required.

3) Add More Hanging Bars
Make use of the walls in your laundry room by adding simple tension rods and hanging freshly laundered clothes for air-drying. Make sure to use matching hangers to pull together a clean look.

4) Choose Matching Storage
If you have open shelves, get rid of the mess by keeping all your laundry supplies and clothing in different baskets and storage containers. It is better to use matching baskets, as they give the entire room a neat and uniform look. Woven baskets are quite a popular choice for bathrooms.

5) Use Every Nook And Cranny
Try not to waste even an inch of space in your laundry room. Push your laundry machine to one side to free up the center area. You can also use a narrow bookshelf or custom slide-out cart to make useful space in between your machines or in tiny corners of the room.

6) Put Labels On Everything
This is another hack to make your laundry room look organized – put labels on it! And by it, we mean everything – storage containers, laundry baskets, detergents and supplies. Even perfectly labeled lint bins are a good way to add an element of charm to your laundry space.

7) Use Curtains To Separate Space
If your washer and dryer are somewhere visible in your home, think of adding a curtain around them. By doing this, you will not only hide the machine but also use the surrounding space for other chores when you are not washing your clothes.

So there you have it! Some handy and affordable tips to make your laundry room look organized. If you have a small laundry room and need a washer and dryer for it, make sure to give Able Appliance Service a visit. We have washers and dryers of all sizes and makes and models to fit your laundry needs. Call us today at 703-916-0509!

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