What are the Pros and Cons of Gas vs. Electric Stoves

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If you’re in the market for a new stove for your kitchen, there isn’t a clear winner in the gas versus electric stove debate; both have pros and cons that may vary depending on what you’re used to and what type of cooking you like to do. Let’s look at the differences.

Pros of Gas Stoves

The biggest benefit of using a gas stove is cooking. Turning on a gas stove gets you an instant, constant flame that you can adjust visually – you do not have to wait or assume whether the stove is on or off, hot or cold, or if it’s in the right setting. Another often-overlooked advantage of using a gas stove is the operating cost. If your home is already using natural gas, which offsets the setup costs, your operating and energy costs will be lower with a gas stove than with an electric.

Cons of Gas Stoves

The most immediate drawback to using a gas stove is the price. Gas stoves are typically both more expensive to purchase, and more expensive to set up, particularly if you don’t already have a gas line going to the kitchen. Another major drawback to using a gas stove is the gas itself. If a burner doesn’t turn on immediately, the stove is still releasing gas into the air – a major problem if a burner gets left on, but unlit.

Pros of Electric Stoves

Most electric stoves have a sleek glass cooktop which enhances the style of the stove. This glass top is easy to wipe clean of most spills and you do not need to remove a burner ring or wipe up a hardened spill from on top of a gas nozzle. They are easy to operate and less expensive to purchase and install, which makes them good choices for people who spend less time in the kitchen. Electric beats gas in the simmering department because it holds a steady low heat well.

Cons of Electric Stoves

The biggest complaint cooks have about electric stovetops is the functionality. Electric coils are notoriously slow to heat and cool off, and this can be a problem for people who use the kitchen extensively. The glass stains easily, which can detract from the look and style of the stove. By comparison, electric stoves use around 3 times more energy than gas stoves to produce and deliver electricity to the stove.

For many people, the cost of purchasing and installing the stove typically ends up tipping the balances in the gas versus electric stove debate. However, Able Appliances & HVAC Service System is here to assist you and help make the right decision for you, considering your lifestyle and comfort level with the stove.


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