1. Food isn’t cooked like normal

Ovens really have only one job: to prepare food. Because this is their primary task, it may end up being how you notice there is something wrong with your appliance. If meals you’ve cooked before are coming out colder than usual, or even hotter or burnt, it very well could be a sign something is up with your oven. A change in pattern is a great way to notice an issue, so keep that in mind if your begin seeing something different as your prepare your dishes.

2. Pilot light won’t turn on

If you have a gas oven and your pilot light won’t turn on, call us. Without being lit, your oven is essentially useless. The bigger issue is that, although the light may not be taking shape, your oven could still be emitting dangerous, invisible gasses into your home. This is why you should immediately call a professional if your pilot light does not work.

3. Strange noises

If you begin to hear uncommon sounds coming from your oven, take note. It could be evidence that a task that was once easy to do has become difficult. For example, if you have an electric oven and, when you turn it on, it clicks for a little bit before beginning to work normally, don’t let the slight delay sneak past you. An issue that’s small now could become big tomorrow.

If your oven is causing you problems, trust the technicians at Able Appliance & HVAC Service to provide you with honest answers and personal care.