Food is going bad quicker than it’s supposed to

Food going bad quicker than it’s supposed to is a sign that the refrigerator isn’t at a safe temperature. Too high of a temperature allows bacteria to grow on food and can make anyone who consumes it sick. When the refrigerator isn’t at the right temperature, it also increases the energy bill, making you pay more for a fridge that doesn’t work.

Past life expectancy

Refrigerators typically have a life expectancy of around ten years. Unfortunately, after this, it’s common to have problems with all different things. So it’s a good idea to look into a new fridge after these ten years are up to prevent the headache of a refrigerator breakdown.

Condensation or frost

Condensation or frost is most likely caused by the fridge being unable to cool itself properly. If this isn’t quickly taken care of, food will go bad. This might be a problem with the seals on the doors; however, it could also mean the cooling system is failing or faulty. On the other hand, excess frost can also mean there’s a more serious issue going on. If you find yourself needing to defrost your freezer regularly, it might mean your fridge is on its last leg.

Loud motor

It’s normal for any refrigerator to make some light noises, but it should never be anything too loud or annoying. A loud buzzing sound coming from the fridge might mean it’s overworking or failing. If you notice loud noises, try unplugging your fridge to see if it continues. If so, you’ll probably want to replace it as soon as possible.