Summer is officially over, which means the cool weather of fall and winter is quickly approaching. It’s time to start preparing your home and appliances! Each of your appliances should be carefully inspected to ensure the readiness for the upcoming cold months. We’ve outlined some tips and guidance for you to follow when checking your appliances.


Prepping your furnace for the year doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. The key things you’ll want to check are the filter, igniter switch, and the thermostat. On top of this, we recommend clearing anything flammable or hazardous away from the surrounding area of the furnace. If you notice anything not working properly, your safest bet is to call a professional to ensure your furnace is ready to go for the season.


Prep your dryer by regularly cleaning lint out of the lint drawer. If not maintained, the excess of lint can cause fires as well as slow the efficiency of your dryer. Some signs you may need to clean the lint out of the dryer are if clothes are taking longer to dry, or if the dryer seems to be overheating. Take care of any other issues you may have by hiring a professional.


Something that often gets overlooked when inspecting an oven is the oven thermostat. An off-kilter thermostat can lead to food not being cooked correctly, and can ultimately end in a ruined meal. The winter season brings holidays along with it, so the last thing you want is to be stressed out about how you’re going to properly cook a big holiday meal! A thermostat is an easy fix by any appliance professional.


The first thing to think about when preparing your refrigerator(s) for winter is if you have a refrigerator outside or in your garage. Many refrigerators are not meant to be placed in unregulated temperatures and be ruined by the extreme cold of the winter months. If you happen to have a refrigerator placed anywhere outside of your home, it’s best to unplug it for the season. Indoor refrigerators should have a maintenance service done to vacuum out coils and prevent any serious problems from happening in the future.

Schedule Appliance Maintenance:

It’s never a bad idea to hire a professional for a regular maintenance check on your appliances! A professional can catch problems before they progress into bigger ones, and provide you with tips and tricks to keep your appliances running properly even in the winter time.