How to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning

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Warmer weather is quickly approaching, so it’s almost time to turn on the AC for the next few months. As the weather grows warmer and the AC starts working harder, it’s sure to cause your bills to rise! No one likes seeing their bills skyrocket; we’ve compiled a list of ways to reduce that cost this spring and summer while still staying cool. Keep reading to learn about changes you can make in your home to save.

Insulate Your Home

If your home isn’t insulated or isn’t insulated correctly, you’re probably paying for cool air that isn’t reaching you. Insulation keeps the cool air in; without it, the cool air can easily escape from your home, making your AC work harder, and your energy bills rise. Have a professional look at your insulation before turning on your AC to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money!


Do you have ceiling fans installed in your home? Turn them on during warmer days to get the cool air circulating through the rooms of your house. If you don’t have ceiling fans, consider installing some or purchasing smaller free standing fans to place throughout your home.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and checkups on your AC unit are crucial to ensuring your AC is working efficiently. Hire a professional to check up on your HVAC system at least once a year. They’ll make sure everything is working correctly, take care of repairs, and give you peace of mind knowing that the AC is doing its job effectively.

Utilize Curtains and Blinds

Sun coming in through windows greatly affects the temperature of your home. During warm afternoons, close your blinds and curtains or find some covering to prevent extra heat from entering your home. You’ll immediately see what an impact it makes on your home’s temperature, and over time, you’ll see the difference in your energy bills.

Strategic Thermostat Placement

Believe it or not, the placement of your thermostat matters greatly! The wall you place your thermostat on will determine how hard it has to work. For example, a thermostat set on a wall near a window will perceive the room’s temperature to be warmer due to the heat coming through the window, which will cause it to work harder. Ideally, a thermostat should be installed in a central room on an interior wall.

Adjust Thermostat Settings When You’re Away

Make a habit of increasing the temperature when no one is home. What’s the use of keeping your home at the perfect temperature all day if no one is home to enjoy it? If you work during the day, consider turning the thermostat up a few degrees while you’re away. A few hours of higher temperatures each day can save you more than you’d expect! You can readjust your thermostat when you get home to suit your preferences. If you’re going on vacation, remember to raise the temperature 5-10 degrees. You’ll save money in the long run.


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