11 Refrigerator Organization Tips

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Keeping your refrigerator organized and clean is the best way to utilize everything inside while also keeping everything at the right temperature. By following these eleven tips, your refrigerator will become less of a stress to keep up with stocking and finding things to make.

Go Through Your Fridge

Before you begin organizing you should go through everything that’s in there. If things have expired or are not going to be used, you should toss them. Rotten food causes odor, stains, and could contaminate the other products in your fridge.

Don’t Over Fill

After you come home from a shopping trip, do you find it hard to put things away because of the lack of space? Organizing your fridge will help to keep this from occurring. Once you’re aware of how much you have and use things while they’re still fresh, you’ll be able to free up space and save money on food and won’t overwork your fridge.

Clean the Shelves

If something has gone bad in your fridge, you may find a stain left behind or sometimes packages just leave behind residue. Clean your shelves to ensure these are removed and you’re ready to have a great new beginning in your organization journey.

Keep Similar Items Together

Putting your sodas, snacks, condiments, and other similar items together will help when you go to the fridge to grab something. This will also give you easy access to the things you use the most.

Separate Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits

Keeping your fruits and vegetables separate may sound random but it will help the life of your vegetables. Fruits produce a chemical that causes vegetables to lose freshness quickly. Meats produce juices that cause mold or contamination to the rest of your groceries. Store them on the bottom of the fridge.


Don’t be afraid to stack soda cans or juice boxes on top of each other. This keeps things together and frees space for more things to fit.

Air Tight Containers

Clear containers that are sealed will help prevent spills that you’ll have to clean up later, look aesthetically pleasing, and will keep things fresh.

Logical Spots

When organizing your fridge it’s important to place items strategically. Keep the items you reach for the most up front and with easy access.


Placing liners in your drawers is another way to protect your shelves from stains.

Clear Bins

These are a great way to eliminate clutter from packaging in your fridge. You could put drinks, snacks, or anything else you’d like in clear bins.


Either creating labels or writing on the containers, adding labels can create an easy way to tell what you need more of and also by keeping everyone else in your house informed on how to keep everything organized.



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