How To Make Your Dryer More Effective?

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Are you big on saving energy? If yes, then you would be surprised to know how much you can save — both money and energy — by simply implementing a few tricks during your laundry time. Here, your dryer proves to be your biggest asset as it effectively reduces manual work and makes huge energy savings possible.

Even though dryers today come with a variety of built-in features, making them easy to use, you still need to operate them efficiently to achieve maximum results. Wondering how to do it? Here are a few tips to help you dry your clothes better and faster with your dryer!

1) Keep Your Dryer Clean
It may seem like a chore, but keeping your dryer clean can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. You must especially take care of the lint filter. A dirty filter not only affects the air flow within the filter but also increases the risk of a fire hazard. By ensuring the proper airflow in the machine, you can considerably decrease the drying time as well as save it from wear and tear. Clean your dryer after every use to stop the fluff from building up!

2) Put In The Right Amount Of Load
Overcrowding your dryer will leave little space for clothes to tumble, resulting in long drying time and too many wrinkles. On the other hand, if you load too little, the clothes will not dry properly as there will be no tumbling effect of a full load. That’s why it is important to know how many clothes should be put into the dryer when you are using it. Make sure to check the instruction guide for load limits. Also, untangle the clothes before you put them into the dryer so that they can tumble freely.

3) Dry Similar Fabrics Together
If you need to dry loads back to back, dry the lighter garments first. By doing this, you can use residual heat for drying the heavier clothes later. Also, it is always a good idea to dry similar fabrics together. Since they all dry at the same speed, it will conserve energy more. Never add more wet clothes once you have started the machine. If you have an auto-dry feature in your dryer, use it instead of a timed cycle.

4) Use Advanced Settings
Often times, your dryer doesn’t need a full hour to dry the load. But since you can’t tell that your clothes are already dry, you keep it running. This results in increased utility bills and a possibility of wear and tear. Most of the new dryers have moisture sensors that automatically stop the cycle once the clothes are dry. If your machine has this feature, make sure that you use it for your benefit.

5) Pre-Dry Your Clothes
If you want your clothes to dry faster, you must dry them partially before putting into the dryer. This can be accomplished in many ways. You can use a drying rack or a clothesline for pre-drying. Another way is to wash with a high-speed spin, so the wash is as dry as possible. You can also work manually to give the clothing a good shake before transferring them to the dryer. This will not only untangle the clothes but also prevent them from wrinkling up!

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