Can I Put This Down My Disposal?

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Do you have a garbage disposal at home or are you wondering about getting one? Like many other modern appliances, garbage disposals are also designed to make life in the kitchen simple and convenient. It not only makes your cleaning and cooking endeavors clutter-free and straightforward but also provides for an easy way to get rid of food particles that would otherwise pile up your garbage can and cause an unpleasant odor.

With a smooth functioning garbage disposal, you will have a great smelling kitchen because your rotting food waste is not sitting anymore on your countertop or anywhere around!

Be Considerate Of What You Throw Into Your Disposal

One misconception about the disposal unit is that it can contain anything you toss into it! Well, some of us find out the hard way that it cannot when you end up with a clogged garbage disposal. Feeding wrong food items to your disposal can result in foul smells and clogs, leading to a broken or damaged appliance beyond repair!

To make things easier on your disposal appliance, it is wise to know what your disposal unit is capable of dealing with! Although modern high-end garbage disposals can take in almost any food waste, certain food waste such as greasy items and food sludge must be kept away as they tend to accumulate over time and can jam your appliances.

It is important to keep your appliance clean to ensure its smooth functioning. For this reason, you must avoid throwing these items down your garbage disposal!


Many homeowners are aware of the notion that eggshells can sharpen the blades mounted on the walls of a disposal appliance. Although it is hard to ascertain when and how this theory came into existence, but it holds no truth. If you come to think of it, eggshells are not capable in the slightest of such claims! When was the last time you noticed someone using cartons of eggshells to sharpen knives or lawnmower blades? Eggshells may not help much with the disposal’s blades, but they can be a reason for clogged disposal nonetheless. The thick membrane on the inner surface of an eggshell (similar to the thin membrane of an onion) can come loose and stick within the drain or around the impeller (the rotor that pushes waste towards the wall-mounted blades).

Chicken Bones

Garbage disposals are equipped with powerful blades that wonderfully grind up and dispose of food waste. However, it shouldn’t be assumed that they can grind anything that comes in their way. Disposal blades can get damaged when they interact with very hard substances, such as bones. If you accidentally happen to slip that one chicken wing or fishbone down the disposal, don’t worry! Garbage disposals are robust appliances that can handle an occasional bone. But if you force an entire bowl of ribs through your disposal and expect that it can grind them up all, the chances are that you may encounter a costly repair or can cause severe damage to your appliance.

Lemon And Potato Peels

Avoid pushing thick vegetable or fruit peelings through your garbage disposals, such as lemon and potato peels. They tend to stick around the sides of your disposal or within its pipes, resulting in a hard clog. Although homeowners had this misconception for a long time that putting lemon or lime peels in the disposal can refresh it with its citrus essence. But it is not true as these peelings can get stuck easily.

A garbage disposal in your home can deliver efficient and lasting performance with little preventive care. With these few guidelines, you can make things a lot easier for the functioning of your garbage disposal.

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