3 Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

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2019 is going to be the year of innovative kitchen designs that work perfectly for everybody. Let this year inspire you to give your cooking space a stunning makeover!

The kitchen has undeniably become a focal point in most American households. Once designed solely for cooking, today’s kitchens are now the hub of everyday activities. From doing homework to hosting cozy gatherings of family and friends, the kitchen is at the heart of every home that makes us feel warm and welcomed. Kitchens are now a bonding place that ushers the entire family together.

In this regard, the kitchen is that part of the home that needs a perfect balance of form and functionality. Every component of the kitchen has to be planned smartly. From valuable countertop space to technological advancements in essential appliances to efficient storage solutions, you can find numerous ideas to achieve that desired smart kitchen makeover.

Check out these 3 exciting designs that will help you add a unique style and personality to your cooking space!

Open Plan Living Is The New Modern Lifestyle

The age-old walled-in home structures have now evolved into open space living areas. Integrating your kitchen to the living or dining room with a smart, open floor plan is one of the ultimate life-enhancing upgrades. Open kitchen designs often serve more than one purpose and are ideal for small houses too. However, creating a harmonious environment in open plan living demands an interactive layout. Whether it’s a kitchen-dinner extension, a kitchen-living area merger, or a combination of all three areas, make sure to use elements that put the kitchen décor in tune with the rest of the areas.

If required, you can still choose to distinguish each area of your home in many subtle and discreet ways. Using a slightly varied color scheme and separating the kitchen with an elevated floor could work for you. It’s time to let the separating walls go away and embrace the beauty of open plan living.

Illuminate Your Kitchen With More Light

A simple and exciting way to enhance the features and style of your kitchen is to lighten it up! Since kitchens have become a social space of our home, proper lighting is an essential aspect of a functional kitchen.

If you prefer natural light, create a layout that connects the kitchen with your backyard or patio, separated by a sliding door. If this is not possible, you can reinvent your indoor lighting system with a blend of both ambient and task lighting fixtures. A couple of recessed overhead lighting fixtures or an elegant chandelier above the kitchen island can also make a striking difference in the kitchen’s overall look.

Open Shelves Work For Every Style Of Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets have existed as a necessary feature of cooking spaces for centuries. However, wall-mounted cabinets or surfaces located above the countertops were known to be a thing of the past until a few years ago. But today, open shelves are back in fashion. Open shelves are a simple way to showcase your clutter creatively. Polished and colorful floating shelves in a sleek finish offer an enhanced aesthetic appearance in contemporary style kitchens.

Ready to refresh the look of your kitchen? Before you begin, it is important to know your goals. What is missing in your current design? What conveniences do you want to add to your kitchen? Remember that planning is crucial for the successful completion of any project. Invest time to meticulously plan every move of your remodeling or renovation project to achieve beautiful results.

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