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4 Signs Your Oven Needs Repair

We all dread the day when our appliances decide its time to give up the ghost. If you think that your oven is on its last leg, look for these signs and then give us a call to repair it! Undercooked food If your oven is on its way out, your food may not...

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How to Keep Your Dishwasher From Smelling Rotten

We’ve all been there: you smell something horrendous and assume it’s the trashcan. When you take out the trash, the odor is still there. When you realize it’s coming from the dishwasher, you are disgusted because you have been “cleaning” your dishes in...

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Why Should You Keep Your Fireplace Properly Maintained?

Your gas fireplace has a lot less upkeep than a wood-burning fireplace. You don’t have to worry about logs, ash, etc. There are also fewer cleanups when you own a gas fireplace. But, it still needs to be appropriately cleaned and well maintained to ensure...

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Tips for Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Believe it or not, a dirty washing machine is the real cause of a horrid, musty smell coming from your washed clothes. Bacteria and germs can easily breed in washing machines, so it is essential to keep the washing machine itself clean. After all, if your...

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How to organize your refrigerator

Are leftovers occupying too much space in your refrigerator? Or do you have to hunt for mayonnaise every time you open the fridge? Or do you keep wondering where you put the cheese last night? If that's the case, then it's time you start managing your food...

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How to Properly Maintain your HVAC System Year-Round

One of the greatest modern innovations that people take for granted is their HVAC system. Your heating and air conditioning system are what brings you relief when you step inside and feel the warmth of your home on a cold day or the refreshing cool on a...

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Common Furnace Problems

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of coming home on a bitterly cold day, had thoughts of a warm home but find out your house is just as cold as outside?It's no fun, is it?When this happens, your home is experiencing some type of furnace issue....

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How to Protect your Appliances during Storms

Home appliances have come a long way over the years and truly make our lives a lot easier. However, with the advancement we’ve all experienced with technology, there should be added measures for protection. These high-tech appliances can easily blow...

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Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit is Failing

August is the time to enjoy the last of summer while preparing for back to school. Don’t spend the end of summer break uncomfortable in your own house because of higher interior temperatures. Keep cool with an efficient air conditioning unit and don’t be...

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Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Air Duct Cleaning The concept of cleaning air ducts is a relatively new one, with commercial companies rapidly popping up to help clean your ducts. Traditionally, air ducts were difficult to reach, and even if they weren't, they were hard to clean due to...

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